German-Russian Gang Leader on Trial | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 14.10.2004
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German-Russian Gang Leader on Trial

A 21-year-old Russian-German man who led a gang of drug dealers on a killing spree which left five people dead in the space of six weeks went on trial with his accomplices in Bochum on Thursday. Eugen N. and five eastern European men aged 21 to 27 are accused of killing the men following disagreements over drug deals. The prosecution alleges Eugen N. killed a Turkish estate agent, Kemal Turan, with three shots to the head in December last year after luring him to waste ground near the western town of Herne. The Turk, the prosecution says, had owed money to a member of Eugen N.'s gang. The gang leader is accused of killing three of his heroin suppliers in Rotterdam after a disagreement a month later. The final of the five murders is alleged to have taken place six days later, on January 22, after Eugen N. and one of his gang fell out with a dealer over a heroin sale near the city of Cologne. The man was shot three times in the back. Although he managed to flee the scene in a car, he died in hospital. Prosecutors also suspect the accused killed two brothers from Georgia whose bodies were found in a forest near Herne, although that investigation continues. Eugen N. moved to Germany from Russia with his parents aged 12 in 1996 and grew up in a tough neighborhood of mainly Russian immigrants where violence was the only way to climb up the hierarchy, according to press reports. (AFP)