German Pop - Oh Napoleon | Music | DW | 13.08.2012
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German Pop - Oh Napoleon

The band Oh Napoleon stands out for clever arrangements and catchy melodies that you'll be glad to get stuck in your head.

Oh Napoleon - just what does the band's name mean? Find out as DW introduces the four guys and one young woman behind the band on this edition of German Pop. The quintet had the good fortune of landing a major record label contract early on, but it took four years for their debut album to come out.

In this podcast, we sample live performances of that album, titled "Yearbook," and find out what's behind the songs.

"It addresses a lot of topics - love of course, and being abandoned, life in general - kind of like the highs and lows that you find in a yearbook," says singer Katrin.

Scroll down to download the podcast.

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