German Pop - Johannes Stankowski | German Pop | DW | 30.12.2010
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German Pop

German Pop - Johannes Stankowski

The singer/songwriter from Cologne is on the search for the perfect pop song.

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Werle and Stankowski were a young music duo that turned a lot of heads in the German pop scene in recent years. The two brought together their very different styles as individuals - Werle an electro-head who loves playing with beats, and Stankowski a singer, guitarist and fan of folky pop. Their success notwithstanding, Werle and Stankowski broke up, while Johannes Stankowski was quick to move on - as solo artist with a backup band.

Johannes Stankowski. Foto: David Binnewies

Johannes Stankowski, master of folk pop

Freed of electronic baggage and the need to create fusion, he's now unplugged. With this band and with role models from the Beatles to Bob Dylan, he presents pop songs that are accessible and pleasant, with vocal harmonies and attractive melodies.

In German Pop No. 8, you can hear live recordings from c/o pop 2009.

Author: Matthias Klaus

Editor: Rick Fulker

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c/o pop Logo

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