German Pop - Einshoch6 | German Pop | DW | 12.11.2010
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German Pop

German Pop - Einshoch6

Crossover projects are nothing new for the music industry. But a band from Munich has gone even further. They combine two genres that don't seem to fit together at all: rap and classic. And they make it work.

The band plays unusual songs that are "beyond the norm," which is also the title of one of their albums. Einshoch6 crosses musical boundaries and makes a point of doing things their way. The musicians may appear alongside philharmonic orchestras in classical venues, or they may take the stage in hip-hop clubs all across Europe.

German rap and classical band Einshoch6

MCs and classical musicians join forces in Einshoch6

Demanding musical arrangements, unusual instrumentation and intelligent rap lyrics: Einshoch6 brings all three together. Their unusual approach has won them awards and the support to take part in PopCamp, a hot-bed for rising new bands sponsored by the German Music Council.

Get to know the band and their music better by clicking below for this edition of German Pop.

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