German police take wild buzzard under their wing | News | DW | 19.09.2019
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German police take wild buzzard under their wing

Patrol police in a small German town had an unusual passenger after a buzzard presented itself in need of urgent help. The bird of prey had come off the worse after colliding with a motorcyclist.

A wild buzzard found itself in police custody after being involved in a high-speed collision on the open road.

Police said the bird accompanied officers after having a run-in with a motorcylist near the small western German town of Geseke, some 75 kilometers (47 miles) east of Dortmund.

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Although the eagle-eyed rider had spotted the bird and started to brake, the buzzard was simply going too fast and smashed into the motorbike. While the motorcyclist was largely unruffled, officers found the bird "dazed at the side of the road."

The buzzard had no apparent injuries, but officers carefully wrapped it in a blanket, and found a place for it on the passenger seat. The bird was taken to a nearby wildlife protection center to recover from its ordeal.

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