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German police shoot machete-wielding man at university

April 24, 2024

The incident occurred at the Mannheim University faculty of economics while lectures were taking place. Authorities are now investigating the use of firearms by the police officers.

Police officers at the University of Mannheim
The incident occurred at a libary at the University of MannheimImage: René Priebe/dpa/picture alliance

Police in Germany shot a man who was allegedly wielding a machete at the University of Mannheim on Tuesday afternoon.

The suspect, a 31-year-old German national, later died in hospital.

What happened at the university?

The incident occurred when the man was reportedly being disruptive in the library of the economics faculty.

Police said the man assaulted a library employee and was allegedly holding a large machete when officers arrived at the scene.

Officers responded to the "threatening situation" by shooting the man, police said.

The Mannheimer Morgen newspaper reported that lectures were taking place at the time and the building was subsequently evacuated.

The State Criminal Police Office of Baden-Württemberg is now investigating the use of firearms by police during the incident.

What do we know about the man?

According to the public prosecutor, the man who police shot had been banned from the library for repeated disruptive behavior in the past.

The man, who was originally from the southwestern city of Saarbrücken, was known to the police.

zc/fb (dpa, AFP)

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