German music comedian Bodo Wartke takes on religious fanaticism | Music | DW | 16.08.2016
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German music comedian Bodo Wartke takes on religious fanaticism

German music comedian Bodo Wartke has had enough. His latest song, "Nicht in meinem Namen" ("Not in my name"), takes on religious fanaticism and all those spreading hate and death. Nothing is spared.

"If I were a God, no matter the religion, then I'd have something to say": German cabaret artist Bodo Wartke begins his latest song with a strong message to all the supposed holy warriors, self-proclaimed world rulers and religious fanatics.

The outspoken music comedian addresses all those spreading hate, injury and death in the name of religion, decrying the war, flight, displacement and violence in Aleppo, the West Bank, the US and Europe.

Wartke doesn't leave anything out, not attacks by the so-called "Islamic State," not illegal Jewish settlements, nor the persecution of gays or the sexual assaults on New Year's Eve in Cologne.

His song, in German, ends with: "If you destroy what I created, then I don't want you to invoke my name, as you're not acting in my name […] Shalom, Inshallah, Amen."

Not always funny

Wartke, 39, is renowned for his scintillatingly witty and satirical songs.

Describing scenes of daily life in a highly exaggerated fashion, he allows his audience to identify with the situations, skillfully mastering the art of forcing people to look into a mirror and reflect on their lives. No topic is spared his satire.

It's no surprise, then, that he didn't shy away from religious fanaticism, which has been the source of violence and harm for centuries. However, it seems for Wartke, this is the only topic that doesn't lend itself to humor, with sharp words being his weapon of choice.

On Monday, Wartke published his song on social networks and on his website. It will be available in stores and from streaming services on Friday, with proceeds going toward Doctors Without Borders.

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