German artist Georg Baselitz reveals new sculpture in Munich | Arts | DW | 20.06.2016
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German artist Georg Baselitz reveals new sculpture in Munich

Teamwork and sisterhood are embodied in the latest sculptor by star German artist Georg Baselitz. His larger-than-life statue has been unveiled at the new Siemens office building in Munich.

Renowned German painter and sculptor Georg Baselitz unveiled his latest masterpiece in Munich on Monday (20.6.2016). The bronze sculpture was presented in the atrium of the new Siemens building in the Bavarian capital.

"Schwesterngruppe," as the name implies, represents a group of sisters cast in bronze. "It's a team that is being represented here," said Baselitz about the three women who are standing arm in arm.

Sculpture depicting three sisters by Georg Baselitz, (c) picture-alliance/dpa/M. Balk

"Schwesterngruppe" stands nearly four meters high

The impressive sculpture weighs in at nearly two tons and stands nearly four meters (13 feet) high. It took the artist months to carve the model out of wood before he coated it in bronze; the look of black patina was very important to the 78-year-old artist, originally from Saxony.

It should look, in his words, "as though it's been burned."

Baselitz, who has been influencing the international art scene since 1960, is known for drawing on themes from Germany's past as well as putting the human form in the foreground.

"Schwesterngruppe" stands at the heart of the new Siemens building in Munich, which will celebrate its official grand opening this coming weekend.

ct/kbm (dpa)

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