German Airline Taps Bulgaria Again | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 07.01.2005
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German Airline Taps Bulgaria Again

German low-cost airline Bexx Air, whose offices in Sofia were closed down in September for operating without a licence, is trying to go into business under a new name of "Imagine Air", the Bulgarian press reported Friday. Imagine Air will offer low-cost flights on the Internet to and from Germany, Britain and the Netherlands, much like Bexx Air did for eight months before Bulgarian authorities shut its offices for operating without a proper licence. Bexx Air then cancelled its flights and over 100 passengers are still waiting to get money back for their unused tickets. Dirk Wiesemann, Bexx Air's chief executive has promised the new company will reimburse all Bexx Air's clients. According to media reports, the Bulgarian transport ministry has refused to liberalize the aviation market and let in major low cost airlines such as Irish budget airline Ryanair.

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