German actress Franka Potente plays brothel madam in Amazon series ′Taboo′ | Film | DW | 31.03.2017
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German actress Franka Potente plays brothel madam in Amazon series 'Taboo'

The cast of the Amazon Prime series "Taboo" includes a well-known German actress: Franka Potente. Here's more on her role in the British show, and a look back at her career.

The German version of the British series "Taboo" is released on Friday.

The story is set in 1814, when James Delaney (Tom Hardy) returns to London after spending 10 years in Africa. He realizes he will not be able to obtain his father's inheritance without a fight, as Delaney was believed to be dead.

Many myths developed during his absence, and now Delaney must reestablish his power. His father bequeathed him a district in the US that's at war with the UK. Through his inheritance, he could influence political developments, but that also makes him a competitor to the powerful East India Company.

To summarize, "Taboo" is about power, greed, revenge and treason.

Potente runs a whorehouse

In the series, Franka Potente is Helga von Hinten, the manager of a London brothel. With her daughter, she's one of James Delany's allies. "Taboo" depicts, on one hand, the English upper class, and on the other, the country's poorest and grimy sides, explained the actress. 

The eight episodes of the series produced by Ridly Scott are available in the original English version and translated in German. Along with Franka Potente and Tom Hardy, who developed the series, the show also stars "Game of Thrones" actor Jonathan Pryce and Michael Kelly from "House of Cards."  

The program premiered in the UK and the US in January and has been renewed for two more seasons in March.


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