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Georgien Kaukasusregion Chewsuretien (DW/P. Raschkewitz)

Finding chickens in a helicopter in Khevsureti

Tunesien DW Akademie Jugendradios (DW/K. El Kaoutit)

Tunisia: Young people find their voice through the radio

Jordanien Konferenz Media and Information Literacy in Amman (DW/V. Kleber)

Training young media users in the Middle East

Libanon MIL 4 Peace in Lebanon Veranstaltung nördlich von Beirut (N. Saab)

Media literacy for young people in Lebanon

Expertentreffen Women@Web in Nairobi, Kenia (DW/Ousman Fye)

Women@Web more protection for women on the Internet

Kolumbien Gertrudis Nieto, Trauer um Sohn (DW/E. Otálvaro)

DW Akademie in Colombia: Spaces for Memories

Guatemala Open Government Festival (DW)

Guatemala: A festival for an open state

 DW Akademie in Dakar (DW/Anne Le-Touzé)

'The sea must not become a cemetery for our sons'