Gehrke, Mirjam | Speakers | DW | 15.04.2011
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Gehrke, Mirjam



Mirjam Gehrke is a journalist currently working for Deutsche Welle (DW). Mirjam grew up in Chile and gained her first journalistic experience with the Chilean newspapers El Mercurio and La Estrella in 1988, during Chile’s transformation from a military dictatorship towards a democratic state. She studied journalism and political science at the universities of Eichstätt and Cologne before becoming a freelance journalist for DW-AKADEMIE, DW-TV and DW-RADIO (Spanish). Since 2000, Gehrke has worked as an editor for DW-RADIO (German). Gehrke is most renowned as an expert for Latin American affairs but also has extensive experience in international political development, developmental aid and human rights.

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