Funny tourism advertising in a Finnish way | DW Travel | DW | 17.10.2018
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Funny tourism advertising in a Finnish way

Attractions, monuments and sights — that's what attracts tourists to a country. But Finland has a completely different strategy. The message: simply enjoy the beautiful side of "nothing"!

The town of Padasjoki lies about 50 kilometres north of Lahti on Lake Päijänne - nowhere in Finland. The community advertises on Youtube with the self-ironic slogan: "Experience nothing".

The video compares the region with metropolises like New York and Paris. And has "nothing" to offer in a direct comparison - apart from nature and absolute tranquillity. The message: In Finland you can spend relaxing nature vacations, meet humorous inhabitants and simply enjoy.

So a visit to Finland is not only worthwhile during the polar light season. That's one more reason to get to know this northern European country with its many lakes, forests - and moose.


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