FSV Mainz 05 | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 08.08.2006
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FSV Mainz 05

Bottom-of-the-table Mainz did the only rational thing they could in the winter break, going on a shopping spree and giving their roster a face-lift.

Down and out? Mainz ended the first half of the season rock bottom of the Bundesliga

Down and out? Mainz ended the first half of the season rock bottom of the Bundesliga

They've brought back Mohamed Zidan, who scored 9 goals for the team last year while out on loan from Bremen. He'll join Romanian Marius Niculae in trying to revive Mainz's toothless attack.

But scoring goals isn't the club's only problem. Their horrendous defense, which conceded 30 goals, has led Jürgen Klopp to bring in a psychiatrist to toughen up his players mentally. "We're willing to try anything," Klopp said, "including this voluntary offer to the players."

But Mainz may have dug themselves too deep a hole. After earning only eleven points in the season's first half, nothing short of a miraculous comeback is needed, if Mainz is to spend a fourth season in Germany's top flight.

The Roster

Goal: Dimo Wache, Daniel Ischdonat, Christian Wetklo, Jonas Sela

Defense: Nikolce Noveski, Christian Demirtas, Manuel Friedrich, Marco Rose, Nassim Banouas, Benjamin Weigelt, Ralph Gunesch, Leon Andreasen

Midfield: Du-Ri Cha, Fatmir Pupalovic , Henning Lichte, Otto Addo, Markus Feulner, Fabian Gerber, Mimoun Azaouagh, Milorad Pekovic, Damir Vrancic, Mario Vrancic, Elkin Soto

Strikers: Petr Ruman, Ranisav Jovanovic, Conor Casey, Chadli Amri, Marius Niculae, Mohamed Zidan

(as of January 2007)

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