From the American south to the heart of Europe  | HOME | Brent Goff | DW | 04.04.2017
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Brent Goff

From the American south to the heart of Europe 

Brent Goff -Where I come from

As host of The Day with Brent Goff and Chief Anchor at DW News, Brent Goff knows that, in an age of blurred narratives and fake news, quality journalism is more important than ever. He grew up in rural North Carolina, and his first job in TV journalism was at a small TV station in Missouri. But his ambition was bigger and after becoming a Fulbright Scholar, earning an MA from Georgetown University and working as a producer for CNN in Berlin, he knew international news was the place for him. He came to DW in 2000 and since has become one of the most recognized on-air personalities. In the newsroom in Berlin and to his viewers around the world Brent is known for his commitment to hard work and strong journalism.

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