From shampoo bottle to pen holder | Global Ideas | DW | 30.08.2017
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Doing Your Own Bit

From shampoo bottle to pen holder

Empty shampoo bottles get thrown away all the time. What if you could turn them into something useful and even fun? Like a funky monster pen holder? Here's how you do it.

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From shampoo bottle to pen holder

Here's what you will need: one empty, clean shampoo bottle with the label removed, three sheets of paper in different colors, a marker, glue and scissors. For how to do it, check out the instructions below or just watch the fun video :)

Draw a line along the top of the shampoo bottle with a marker. It can be straight or wavy, depending on how you want your monster to look. 

Cut along the line. Be careful with the scissors and get an adult's permission to use them - it can be tricky to cut the shampoo bottle!

Then draw your monster's hands and arms on a piece of colored paper and cut those out too. 

Put a little glue on the base of each arm and stick them to the shampoo bottle. 

Now cut out a mouth for your monster using some colored paper and stick that on the bottle too. Yey - your monster is happy - or angry, depending on what kind of mouth you've made ;) 

Cut out some eyes using more paper. We've used blue paper and green for the pupils. And we made green fangs for teeth. Glue all of those on too. 

Now your monster is done and ready to hold your pens and pencils!

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