Fritsche, Uwe R. | Speakers | DW | 06.04.2011
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Fritsche, Uwe R.

Scientist at Oeko-Institut Darmstadt


Uwe R. Fritsche studied applied physics at the Technical University Darmstadt, Germany, and has been working as a scientist at Oeko-Institut since 1984, where he heads the energy and climate division in Darmstadt. He currently coordinates institute-wide research on system analysis and sustainable resources. He is an expert in material-flow and life-cycle analysis of energy, biomass/food, and transport systems and respective sustainability scenarios. He works with his team on national, European and global sustainability standards and criteria for bioenergy together with FAO, UNEP and GEF as well as WWF. He also acts as national team leader for the IEA Bioenergy Task 40, co-chairs the Global Bio-Energy Partnership Sustainability Task Force Environment subgroup and leads the GBEP workstream on indirect land use changes.

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