French police discover seven tons of cannabis in Paris | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 18.10.2015
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French police discover seven tons of cannabis in Paris

Police have made the largest haul of cannabis in Paris' history, in a country which consumes some 300 tons of the drug per year. The 7.1. metric tons of the substance are estimated to be worth nearly 17 million dollars.

Customs officers in Paris seized over 7 metric tons of cannabis overnight, France's finance minister said on Sunday, in what is thought to be the biggest such haul in the city's history. The cannabis was found in three different vehicles in an upscale part of the capital.

"The drugs were found in empty vehicles, parked on a boulevard, that were obviously being used as temporary and mobile storage places," said Finance Minister Michel Sapin in a statement.

The discovery of 7.1 tons of Europe's most popular drug in Paris' 16th district was the result of weeks of investigation by the National Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation. The drugs were estimated to be worth at least 15 million euros ($17 million).

Sources close to the investigations said that while the find is the biggest in France for several years, no suspects have yet been detained in the matter.

Use or possession of cannabis amounts to more than 60 percent of all drug-related offenses in Europe. In France alone, demand is around 300 metric tons a year.

es/tj (AFP, Reuters)

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