Freak car crash in Berlin metro station injures six | News | DW | 26.05.2017

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Freak car crash in Berlin metro station injures six

A driver lost control of the car on a busy street in central Berlin and drove down the steps into an underground station. The injured were taken to nearby hospitals.

Deutschland Auto fährt in Berlin Treppe zur U-Bahn hinunter

Berlin commuters were shocked to discover a car in the subway station

A car plowed into Berlin's Bernauer Strasse metro station Friday evening, injuring six people, according to local media. The incident occurred on a busy north-south thoroughfare in central Berlin after the evening rush hour.

Berlin police said the accident occurred when the driver of the car attempted to avoid a cyclist in the street, thereby losing control of the vehicle, which drove down the steps before coming to a stop on the station platform. Of those hurt, three were seriously injured. The injured were transported to local hospitals.

Trains have continued service at the Bernauer Strasse station for the time being, but the Bernauer Strasse-Brunnenstrasse crossroad at street level was closed. The local fire department said it would work through the night to retrieve the car from the station platform.

Berlin is currently hosting the "Kirchentag," or Germany's Protestant Church Assembly, a four-day event held by the Protestant church.

kbd/kl (AFP, AP, dpa)