Frauenkirche, Dresden | DW Travel | DW | 18.10.2016
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Frauenkirche, Dresden

The resurrection of Dresden's Frauenkirche is considered a minor miracle. Though it was virtually destroyed during World War II, its ruins long served as a war memorial. Donations funded the church's reconstruction.

A large-scale campaign raised more than €110 million - more than half the total cost of €180 million. Work on the project began in 1994, and was completed in 2005. Every day, thousands of visitors come to Neumarkt square to see this magnificent example of Baroque architecture. Many come to pray or to attend concerts held there.

The Frauenkirche's history spans more than a thousand years, and various  churches bearing that name previously stood on the same site. The Baroque building, with its impressive cupola, was designed by George Bähr in the 18th century.