Frankfurt – Germany’s Financial Heart | On Tour | DW | 01.06.2015
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On Tour

Frankfurt – Germany’s Financial Heart

The skyline of Hessen's biggest city represents the power of money and the art of architecture. Romans and emperors left their mark on the historic streets. And the writer Goethe was born here.



More than 500 buildings in the city are taller than 60 meters. The Commerzbank Tower is the tallest at 259 meters. The European Central Bank's new headquarters is east of the city center. In the old city, restored half-timbered houses on the narrow streets provide a romantic atmosphere. The Römerberg is the central square in the old city with the prominent Römer, Frankfurt's city hall. Nearby Frankfurt Cathedral was for centuries the site of coronations of the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire. The Städel Museum has gone digital as it marks its 200th anniversary. The famous Tischbein painting of Goethe lounging in the Italian countryside can be viewed online, while the original is on display at the museum. By the end of the year, 1,500 artworks should be available online.

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