France and UK Vote: Hope for Europe? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 15.06.2017
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France and UK Vote: Hope for Europe?

In France, President Macron’s new pro-European party looks set to win an absolute majority. In the UK: a huge setback for Theresa May. Is Europe the winner? Guests: Emmanuelle Chaze (RFI), Jon Worth (Blogger), Malte Lehming (Tagesspiegel).

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Our guests:

Emmanuelle Chaze  is a Radio France International correspondent. She says: “Macron's single party hegemony is reshaping France's and Europe's political landscapes; but May's alliance with the DUP will affect Brexit negotiations.”


Jon Worth is a blogger on EU politics. He says: "The EU turned a corner in 2017 with Macron’s victory in France and Germany’s stability. But the uncertainty caused by the situation in the UK is very serious."


Malte Lehming is an author for the daily newspaper “Der Tagesspiegel”. He says: „Nationalism and far-right populism are now waning forces in Europe. That leaves an opening for a new realism."