Breaking Free: New Starts and Big Ideas | World | Breaking news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 27.07.2022

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Breaking Free: New Starts and Big Ideas

How Freddie Mercury inspired youth behind the iron curtain/ Meet African climate activist Adenike Oladosu from Nigeria/ Italian restaurant projects helps migrants' integration and enhances culinary diversity

Eco Change maker Adenike Oladosu

When Adenike Oladosu realized that there was a lack of knowledge about climate change on her continent, she decided to mobilise and created the African climate justice movement. This Nigerian has become a change-maker, and is now leading a grassroots movement called ILeadClimate, advocating for the restoration of Lake Chad and youth involvement in climate justice through education. 

Author: Flourish Chukwurah
Presenter: Evelyn McClafferty 

Immigrant Restaurant Project 

Immigration remains a huge topic in Europe, and also in Italy. Around seven percent of Italy’s population was born outside the EU. . The region with the highest number of foreign residents, is in the country’s northeast. Stefano Montali went to the town of Modena where a restaurant project helps integrating migrants and showing locals that a diversity in flavors is fun.

Author: Stefano Montali 

Breaking Free: Freddie Mercury and me

Teenagers usually have their favourite bands and singers, and only feel  understood when they play their music. Growing up can be intense. But  spare a thought for Renata Nasseri, who grew up in communist Poland in the 80s. She wanted to be free and see the world, and the British band Queen and its charismatic lead singer Freddie Mercury became a beacon of hope. Mercury's songs - about breaking free from constraints, and his extravagant lifestyle - were the complete antithesis to the political constraints and lack of opportunity of her youth. 

Author: Renata Nasseri 
Presenter: Natalie Muller