Formula 1: Ferrari under suspicion for alleged engine cheating | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 06.03.2020
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Formula 1: Ferrari under suspicion for alleged engine cheating

With a new F1 season set to begin, the series is deeply divided. Seven Ferrari rivals have threatened legal action to force the FIA to publish details of a probe into the Italian team's engine last season.

The statement was short but scathing.

"We, the undersigned teams, were surprised and shocked by the FIA's statement of Friday 28 February regarding the conclusion of its investigation into the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 Power Unit,'' the statement read.

In an identical statement, the McLaren, Mercedes, Racing Point, Red Bull, Renault, Alpha Tauri and Williams teams said they wanted a "full and proper disclosure'' over the months-long investigation into Ferrari's 2019 engine and whether its motor had exceeded its maximum permitted fuel flow or not. Exceeding its maximum fuel flow would contravene F1 rules.

The FIA launched the investigation last season, with several teams complaining that the Ferrari cars had noticeably increased their straight-line speed, particularly after the mid-season break.

Last week, the FIA announced that it had concluded what it described as "a thorough technical investigation" into Ferrari's 2019 engine.

FIA 'not fully satisfied'

In the statement, the FIA said it was "not fully satisfied" that nothing untoward had taken place, "but decided that further action would not necessarily result in a conclusive case due to the complexity of the matter and the material impossibility to provide the unequivocal evidence of a breach."

It added that it wanted to avoid the risk of a drawn-out legal process and had "decided to enter into an effective and dissuasive settlement agreement with Ferrari to terminate the proceedings."

The FIA said that "the specifics of the agreement remain between the parties" concerning "a number of technical commitments'' that Ferrari has agreed to going forward.

With the 2020 Formula 1 season slated to kick off in Melbourne on March 15, the matter may be far from resolved.  In their letter, the seven teams that are crying foul said that "we reserve our rights to seek legal redress."

pfd/ (AP, dpa, Reuters)

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