Focus: Abeer Saady | Media Development | DW | 14.03.2012
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Media Development

Focus: Abeer Saady

In Cairo Abeer Saady is the Vice Chair of the Egyptian Press Syndicate. Since the revolution last year she's been keen to help reform her country's media system.

Abeer Saady nahm im März an dem DW-Akademie-Seminar media self regulation in Germany teilgenommen. Abeer Saady ist Vize-Präsidentin des Pressesyndikats. *** Bild von Nadine Wojcik, März 2012

Abeer Saady

Abeer Saady is in Berlin taking part in a one-week DW Akademie workshop together with ten Egyptian media officials and editors-in-chief. The workshop focuses on media self-regulation in Germany. A follow-up seminar in Cairo this April plans to work out a possible road map for media self-regulation in Egypt.

What has surprised you the most so far?
The fact that German president Christian Wulff had resigned. I feel this is positive because our former president, Hosni Mubarak, only resigned after many people had died. It's been interesting to see this kind of self-regulation and the role of the German media.

What are you learning in the workshop?
We've been introduced to the German system of media self-regulation. This doesn't mean we're going to adopt the same system, or copy and paste it, but we'll consider all options and create our own self-regulation system, adapted to Egyptian needs. I must say, everyone here has been very welcoming, inspiring and helpful.

What are you personally gaining from the workshop?

Die ägyptische Journalistin Abeer Saady nimmt an einer Paneldiskussion teil; März 2012, Hertie School of Governance (Berlin); (Foto: DW/N. Wojcik).

Abeer Saady, panel discussion at the Hertie School of Governance

I took part in a panel discussion on the role of media, education and civil society following the Arab Spring and had the chance to listen to German students - a rare opportunity for me. I was able to learn how the students - the young generation in Germany - think about the Arab region and their opinions about social media and its role in society.

How is the atmosphere within the group?
I am the only woman in the delegation. That's not unusual for me because in the press syndicate back in Cairo I'm also the only female. I've become used to this and am comfortable with it.

What is the first thing you’ll do after the workshop finishes?

Die ägyptische Delegation aus Journalisten und Politikern während eines Vortrags im Deutschen Presserat; März 2012, Deutscher Presserat (Berlin);(Foto: DW/N. Wojcik).

Egyptian delegation at the German Press Council

I'll talk to my colleagues about my experiences in Germany and show them what I've learned. I'll also raise discussions on how we're going to create our own media self-regulation system. On a personal note, when I get back I'll buy a nice present for my mother because in Egypt, March 21st is Mother's Day.

The DW Akademie to me is …
… a prestigious academy. I hope we'll cooperate in training projects in the near future. Our journalists want to be part of our country's democratic transformation. It's either now or never, and we do need more journalistic training.