Fly me to the moon in art and culture | Arts | DW | 04.01.2019
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Fly me to the moon in art and culture

The successful landing of a Chinese probe on the far side of the moon has reawakened interest in our planet's nearest celestial neighbor. But the moon has fascinated artists for millennia.

Be it a super moon, blood moon or simple crescent: the moon has always been the sky's leading attraction. From the early days of antiquity through the Middle Ages and on to to today, there are countless testimonies to the mysterious celestial body.

20th century space exploration has only served to enhance the moon's mysterious power — and its essential place in romance. The moon continues to harbor a profound magical effect over both humans and animals.

As always, artists have been at the forefront in documenting this relationship between man and moon — from cave paintings to artifacts, oil paintings to cinema.

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