Flood Rains Threaten Germany | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 22.08.2005
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Flood Rains Threaten Germany

Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg have been experiencing unusual amounts of rain during the past weeks, raising the danger for flooding of streams and rivers. The water-logged soil cannot absorb the continued rain, and so it flows directly into the rivers, especially around the Alps. In the Allgäu region, for example, 120 liters per square meter are expected by Tuesday. Traffic has been brought to a standstill in many areas due to the extreme rain. In Baden-Württemberg, the cities of Tübingen, Reutlingen, and Göppingen were hit especially hard. Streets were blocked off and cellars flooded by the deluge-like rains. Meteorologists don't see any signs of a let-up in the next few days.

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