Flash floods kill 35 in northwestern Iran | News | DW | 15.04.2017
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Flash floods kill 35 in northwestern Iran

Authorities in the province of eastern Azarbaijan expect the death toll to rise after heavy rains led to flash floods. Several people are missing after homes were flooded and cars washed away.

Iran's state media reported at least 35 people were killed and eight declared missing as flash floods hit the country's northwest.

Torrential rains that began on Friday lashed East Azerbaijan province, with state television showing images of rivers bursting their banks, flooded houses and cars being swept away by the surging water.

"Thirty-five people have been killed in the floods," the head of Iran's emergency response organization, Esmail Najar, told the ISNA news agency.

Rescue teams are trying to locate several people reported missing in the cities of Ajab Shir and Azarshahr.

Five injured people have been hospitalized, officials said.

East Azarbaijan Governor's Office of Crisis Management said that 16 bodies were found in Ajab Shir city and 14 in city of Azarshahr.

Red Crescent workers, air ambulances, as well as police and army forces were deployed from the early hours of Saturday morning to provide aid, a local emergency official said.

In September, at least 10 people were killed in flash floods across the Tehran and Hormozgan provinces.

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