Fischer praises Afghan elections | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 19.09.2005
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Fischer praises Afghan elections

German Minister of Foreign Affairs Joschka Fischer congratulated the Afghan people on Monday for conducting their first parliamentary elections in almost forty years. "After decades of war, civil war and rule of violence, these elections are a new milestone on the way to a secure, stable, free and democratic Afghanistan," said Fischer in Berlin. Militants from the ousted Taliban had warned voters to stay away from Sunday's poll, seen as a crucial step in the war-shattered country's progress towards democracy, but failed to carry out any major attacks. "Despite terror and threats of violence, especially against female voters and candidates, the people of Afghanistan have shown admirable courage going to the polls," Fisher said. The success of the parliamentary elections in Afghanistan, however, will not put an end to the German involvement in the region. "The federal government, along with its partners, will continue to stand by the Afghan people and emphatically support the process of reconstruction and stabilization," Fischer said.

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