First school then beach. Could be worse | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 24.11.2017
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First school then beach. Could be worse

After more than a month at sea, the Ocean College students are getting used to live on board the Regina Maris, as Lennard writes.

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Global Ideas - Lennard

I went to bed at exactly 00:00 today, because I had to help Emil with his diary entry. I woke up again at about 07:40, because someone jumped into the water - just like every morning.

After breakfast, Martin made an announcement that the anchor watch should pay a little more attention to their actual job than just sitting in the wheelhouse talking. He said we had nearly floated into a wreck that`s just outside of the harbor.

Johan also told us we would visit a beach this afternoon, while there are normal classes until lunch. Because I normally have watch from 09:00 to 13:00, my jobs were to read and summarize the third and fourth chapter of “The Discovery of Slowness” by Sten Naldony and to learn for the chemistry test about microplastic next week. But because I didn`t get much sleep tonight, I fell asleep while I was getting my school books out of my cabin.

To the beach

At some point Emil came in, woke me up and asked if we could do the summary together. We had chili con carne for lunch. After lunch we had one hour to clean up the ship and prepare for the trip to the beach.

The water at the beach was very warm and clear but also very salty. Like every time I played soccer with Johan and the other boys which ended painfully, because there were rocks and shell in the sand. When we were about to head back to our ship, two women sold us some fish snacks. Back at the harbor we met two German tourists that came with us and took a look at the Regina Maris.

When everyone was back at the ship, Michael said the ship hadn`t really been cleaned today. Because the kitchen had to be cleaned again we had bread and some cold chili con carne for dinner. 

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