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Euro 2008 Tickets

DW staff / dpa (nda)
February 28, 2007

Soccer fans now have their first chance to buy tickets for the Euro 2008 championships hosted by Austria and Switzerland from June 7 to 29, 2008 on Thursday.

The ticket process for Euro 2008 promises to be less complicated than the World Cup's

Around one third of the 1.5 million tickets will be sold until March 31. Fans who get lucky in the draw will be contacted by late April.

Tickets for the tournament are allocated in a lottery among all prospective buyers. Organizers expect all games of the tournament will be overbooked.

Should this not be the case, a second lottery round will be held from June 1 onwards. Another chance to get tickets will be in December, when national contingents of up to 20 per cent of the respective stadiums' capacities will be sold after the groups draw.

Residents of the host cities have slightly better chances to acquire the much-coveted tickets, as they were granted purchase options for 750 tickets per city.

Only persons aged 18 can participate in the draw, payment is possible by credit card or bank transfer. The worldwide sales will be conducted solely via the organizers' webpage (www.euro2008.com).

To prevent ticket fakes, tickets will be mailed off to their new owners as late as two weeks before the start of the tournament, and no earlier than spring 2008.