Finland: Turku Turns to Culture | European Journal | DW | 07.01.2011
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European Journal

Finland: Turku Turns to Culture

Turku is one of the 2011 European Capitals of Culture. The city is hoping that designation will create new opportunities: Shipbuilding was once Turku's main source of income - now, the industry is in decline.


Glasshouse Night by Max Gross, Turku European Capital of Culture 2011

More than 8,000 jobs are directly dependent on the shipbuilding industry in Turku. But big orders aren't coming in. With that in mind, some residents feel that this city of 175,000 - where unemployment is at 10 percent - has bigger concerns than presenting itself as one of Europe's Culture Capitals. But others take a different view - they hope to attract new creative talent to Turku in a bid to reposition the city as a cultural hub.