Fighting for ′Islamic State′? | Home | Life Links | DW | 04.05.2015
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Life Links

Fighting for 'Islamic State'?

Life Links is looking for stories: we would like to get in contact with someone who identifies with or fights for "IS".

Life Links is currently researching for a new webisode on war to answer the question: what makes people willing to fight? In this context, we are focusing on the extremist group known as "Islamic State".

We've met with someone who joined the Kurdish forces to fight against "IS". But to provide a full picture, we are also looking for someone who has or is fighting on the other side - for "IS". We would like to try to understand what drives people of our age to identify with the group's extremist ideology. We also want to know what it takes for someone to make the decision to fight knowing that it could ultimately lead to their death.

We are extending our research both on- and offline using all means possible in a bid to find someone. If you have been involved with IS or can help us find someone that has, please get in touch at:


All information will be handled with care and names and other details will remain anonymous.