FIFA: No past doping offences among Russia World Cup squad | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 22.05.2018
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FIFA: No past doping offences among Russia World Cup squad

FIFA has found "insufficient evidence" of past doping infringements among Russia's provisional squad for the World Cup. Past investigations into Russian doping had highlighted football as one sport affected.

World football's governing body said on Tuesday that none of the players set to represent host nation Russia at next month's World Cup had failed doping tests in the past. FIFA launched investigations in light of the McLaren Report, which found evidence of widespread doping in Russia's Olympic setup and also highlighted soccer as one of the sports involved. 

FIFA concluded that "insufficient evidence was found to assert an anti-doping rule violation" in the cases of the members of Russia's provisional squad. 

It had launched the investigations "into possible anti-doping rule violations by football players, prioritizing high-level players against whom a suspicion had been raised, in particular those who might participate" in the World Cup. 

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However, FIFA did also say that investigations of several players unrelated to the World Cup were continuing. 

"FIFA will continue to work on these cases in cooperation with the World Anti-Doping Agency. Further updates will be provided in due course," it said. 

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Hajo Seppelt on doping in Russian football

The McLaren Report found that more than 1,000 Russian athletes in either the Summer, Winter Olympics or Paralympics had benefited from an institutional conspiracy to conceal positive doping tests. Football was one of the sports involved. 

Russia has acknowledged some of the McLaren Report's findings but rejects the broader allegation that the state sponsored or assisted with any doping activities.

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Hosts Russia kick off the World Cup with their opening group game against Saudi Arabia on Saturday, June 14. 

msh/em (AFP, Reuters)

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