Festive lights for the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress | DW Travel | DW | 30.03.2015
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Festive lights for the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

The Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in the town of Koblenz on the Rhine in western Germany is launching this year's program with bright lights. The light art can be seen every evening until Easter Monday.

A scenic trail leads through nine spaces where different light and video installations breathe life into the whole 16th century fortress. One video installation takes the viewers on a virtual trip from Koblenz to Mainz. The light installation in the upper courtyard is another major highlight. The lights shine from dusk until midnight. The light art event is being held for the third time.

The famous castle has been overlooking the city of Koblenz for over 500 years. It is one of the largest fortresses in Europe and is now a major tourist attraction on the Rhine. Koblenz and the fortress form the northern gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage site "Upper Middle Rhine Valley."

fm/ks (SWR, GDKE Rheinland-Pfalz)