Feedback on Ai Weiwei′s arrest, Fukushima, China and Pakistan | Asia| An in-depth look at news from across the continent | DW | 15.04.2011
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Feedback on Ai Weiwei's arrest, Fukushima, China and Pakistan

Our readers and Asia Compact listeners love to send in their views. Here's a selection from the past few weeks.


The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers and Asia Compact listeners. Not all comments have been published. Deutsche Welle reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of comment.

Ai Weiwei

I hope Germany will insist on a provision if the Enlightenment show is to remain in China - to include a pair of Weiwei's shoes to be on view beside the shoes of philosopher Immanuel Kant. If you want this exhibition to generate a dialogue with China - I can't think of a better way. - Lauri Luck, United States

I am sad to learn that German MPs are calling for the closure of the Chinese Enlightenment exhibition because it clearly shows that German MPs are interferring the internal affairs of China. - Andy Heng, Malaysia

Japanese earthquake and Fukushima

Since the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, we have gone through over 6000 aftershocks. The housing and infrastructure are shot, the power supply is very fragile. People have relocated to campervans, winter is on our front door and it can get very cold. Therefore, energy-saving houses and buildings would be welcome. I just hope the urban planning commission has an eye on that. I would love to be the owner of such a house. - Waltraud Maassen, New Zealand

Everyone's view about nuclear power has been impacted. Some simple math – at Chernobyl one reactor got terribly damaged and in Japan, where the technology is allegedly safer and better, the number of damaged reactors is four or six. Hopefully, Japan will take the safety issue seriously. - Krasimir, Bulgaria

Nuclear energy has always had the potential to kill millions of people and make land unusable for hundreds of years. It is too bad that it takes a disaster to wake people up. The people that own the money from these freakish plants don't live anywhere near them and it takes dying to make people realize this. Of course nuclear energy has to go. - Paul Rabaca, United States

Dear DW, of all the news sources available to us here in Hawaii I think that your timely, accurate, factual reporting on Japan's nuclear crisis is by far the best. We are directly in the path of the prevailing wind and ocean currents coming from Japan and your reporting is seen as key to our preparedness. Please keep up the good work; we're counting on you. - Jim Corcoran, United States

Myanmar sanctions

The latest ICG briefing highlights several sanctions which hit the Burmese people. Others clearly target the generals, but are ineffective. So long as the supporters of sanctions are in denial about those sanctions which hit the people, no progress can possibly be made. If it had been possible to freeze bank accounts in Singapore, it would have been done a long time ago. There is no sensible dialogue between the supporters and critics of sanctions because any admission that there are some sanctions which hit the people would highlight the serious flaws in the NLD position. Say nothing, see nothing, deny everything - and above all don't get into a debate. - Juliette Fourget, Great Britain


It is clear that, as head of China's powerful military commission, Xi Jinping is foremost among Hu Jintao's possible successors as president. The world's second largest economy faces huge problems of income inequality, pollution, unemployment, suppression of dissidents and corruption. Xi might not "rock the boat" politically, but he will face considerable difficulty in retaining one-party control of 1.3 billion people. - Dr Michael Vaughan, Australia

China is making the right moves and could turn out to be a global savior. China is picking up after the foreseeable financial crisis in the US, which can be compared to the worst white-collar banking crime in US history. Under the former administration the US also made bad foreign policy choices, including waging wars which were ill-advised and a drain on financial resources. The consequences are huge for the West and China might now be overtaking the US in global economics and political power. - G. Gosau, Canada


I think Taseer’s murder marks a further chapter in Pakistan's descent into potential anarchy and as Asma Jahanger notes the rise of a virulent fascism from the ashes. However, I do not think this will come to pass. The flame of liberty burns too brightly as liberal Pakistanis fight for their right to have a voice. In the international arena, we have a duty to hear their cry. - Christopher Wilford, Great Britain

There are very few secular minds and they are scared to come out or to raise their voice against injustice. It is the beginning of our end. - Sonia Wahab, Pakistan

The US needs to change its policy towards Pakistan by stopping its interference in internal matters and withdrawing Blackwater and inflated diplomatic staff, in respect for national boundaries. - M M Qureshi, Pakistan

Arms race

I understand that not only China helps dictatorships with arms but the US and former Soviet countries also do. If Japan were to export weapons, it would be saved from recession. But I don't want Japan to join the arms race. No thanks, militarism! - Snowman, Japan

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