Farming with a green thumb | Eco Africa | DW | 04.05.2018
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Eco Africa

Farming with a green thumb

Over the years eco@africa has looked into different and creative ways of farming. Here are five ideas that struck a chord and have the possibility to change lives in Africa and across the globe.

1. Mushrooms to the rescue

Chido Govera grew up an orphan and struggled to take care of her younger siblings. At 11 she had an opportunity to learn about mushroom farming using plastic bags filled with agricultural waste. This chance encounter change her life for the better by helping her become self reliant and giving her the ability to feed her family and escape poverty.

Watch video 03:19

Changing lives with mushroom farming

2. Aqua farming made easy

Being at the southern-most tip of the African continent is not always easy. Over the years South Africa has sustained long periods of drought. But after seeing how much water was wasted at her parents' fish farm, a 16-year-old girl developed a simple and effective system that saves water through natural plant purification.

Watch video 03:45

Simple and green aqua farming in South Africa

3. Security through food banks

Zimbabwean farmers' near singular dependence on maize is a threat to their country's food security in a warming climate. One innovative NGO group is trying to promote hardy indigenous grains more suited to the dry conditions as a solution. This back-to-the-roots way of farming should cut costs and help rural farmers.   

Watch video 03:11

Zimbabwean seed banks for food security

4. Urban farming in Kampala

Uganda's crowded capital offers little space to grow crops. But some schools in the city are promoting a new initiative and inspiring local children to stay healthy while at the same time saving money. It proves that tiny plots of land — no matter where or how small — can be turned into productive vegetable gardens.  

Watch video 03:21

Ugandan schools inspire with urban farming

5. Zero-waste circular farming

Animal droppings and recycled pond water might not sound too appetizing, but they can help produce tasty crops. These model farmers in Nigeria are integrating agriculture with poultry and fish farming to cut waste and boost production. It is a circular system with no fertilizers where absolutely nothing is wasted.

Watch video 03:59

Zero-waste farming in Nigeria

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