Fanny Facsar | Business News - The Latest financial, market & economic news | DW | 19.04.2016
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Fanny Facsar

Born in:
Budapest, Hungary

German, English, French, Hungarian, Spanish

Degrees/Journalistic Background:
My journalistic career in television started as a trainee at CNN in Atlanta during my undergraduate studies, 2003-2004. I finished University with a Masters in Journalism and Political Science in Germany (TU Dortmund) and France (IUT Tours) in 2006.
After writing for several newspapers in Germany, Switzerland and Hungary, I chose to settle first of all in Washington D.C. – in the foreign office of ZDF-German Television in 2008, working as a producer and online reporter. After returning to Germany in 2010 I joined the news-team at ZDF headquarters in Mainz as a television reporter.
Today I enjoy reporting and presenting news for Deutsche Welle and working for ZDF as a multimedia reporter and managing editor, in two languages, in two areas: politics and business news. Whenever I have the possibility, I enjoy inventing formats that respond to the changes of how people consume journalism and apply new story telling methods in the field with special focus on social media reporting and mobile tools.

With DW since:

My personal hero:
People with small names but big impact in their communities.

My favorite quote:
“Report without fear or favor.” Adolph S. Ochs, New York Times

7 Things I’ve learned in Journalism
1. Sometimes “the truth” is in between the lines – or picture frames.
2. Some see it as business only – others as a calling for life.
3. A lot depends on persistence and that little bit of luck
4. The most successful may not be the best, and the best not always successful.
5. My most memorable experience: meeting US-president Obama before he became president.
6. Don't use technology for the sake of being “trendy”. Innovate yourself.
7. You should never try to be everybody’s darling. Serve the people with stories that matter.