Family Planning – Making Your Own Decisions | Learning by Ear | DW | 30.03.2010

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Learning by Ear

Family Planning – Making Your Own Decisions

Africa’s population is growing rapidly. As families increase in size, resources dwindle and this can lead to further problems. Find out what each one of us can do to take an active part in family planning!

An important reason for the drastic population explosion is lack of information. In this series, you can learn how to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies and also how to avoid infections such as HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases. The programme also provides you with vital background knowledge about self-determined methods of family planning.

16-year-old Desirée is the heroine of this radio novela. After her mother dies, she has to struggle with the responsibility for bringing up five young children while at the same time trying to get herself a proper education. At the same time, Desirée has to cope with her grandma’s rather traditional attitudes regarding the role of women in the family.

Things get even more complicated when the teenager gets to know 18-year-old Eric, who seems to want a bit more from her than just friendship. And then Desirée finds out about her best friend Lorraine’s big secret…

Learning by Ear is available in six languages: English, Kiswahili, French, Hausa, Portuguese and Amharic. It is supported by Germany’s Federal Foreign Office.

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