Faith Matters | Faith Matters - The Church Program | DW | 02.09.2012
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Faith Matters

Faith Matters

"I'd Rather Be Disabled Than Disgruntled"

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Rainer Schmidt’s mother had a rare metabolic dysfunction, and he came into the world with truncated arms and legs. Despite this handicap, he has learned over the years how to lead a ‘normal’ life. He is a Lutheran pastor and successful author. He has won the international IPC table-tennis championships several times and is currently Germany’s National Ambassador for Sport, Tolerance and Fair Play at the London Paralympics.  Rainer Schmidt is also a popular discussion panel host on the subject of "disability”. And with his talent to amuse, he has recently acquired yet another profession: he’s a stand-up comedian.

"I’d Rather Be Disabled Than Disgruntled” shows in an entertaining and moving way that the distinction between ‘people with physical disabilities’ and ‘people without physical disabilities’ is superfluous. We all have our limitations and abilities. The crucial point is how we deal with this mix.