FactCheck Mongolia: Tackling misinformation at election time  | #mediadev - media development insights and analysis | DW | 20.07.2020

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FactCheck Mongolia: Tackling misinformation at election time 

With elections coming up in Mongolia in 2020 and 2021, FactCheck Mongolia is a new verification program that has been launched using the Truly Media platform, a development of DW Innovation and ATC iLab.


Journalists in Mongolia have launched a new fact-checking program called FactCheck Mongolia. The Mongolian Center for Investigative Reporters will coordinate the program which uses Truly Media, a platform for collaborative verification developed by DW Innovation and ATC iLab.  

Mongolian journalist and co-founder of the Mongolian Center for Investigative Reporters, Tamir Tsolmonbaatar, wants to see the country's journalists become more accustomed to teamwork and collaboration – vital skills in the fight against the often highly-organized fake news machinery. 


The media literacy rate in Mongolia is low, and as a result, people readily believe – and share – information in the online environment without verifying it first. 

In addition, in a country of largely nomadic cultures, 'word of mouth' is listed as the third-most common source for news and information, after television and the internet. People tend to receive information emotionally rather than critically. 

With elections coming up, and campaigning in traditional media highly regulated, it is to be expected that campaigning will shift heavily to social media platforms, which are entirely unregulated and therefore open to abuse and misuse. 

FactCheck Mongolia aims to "develop the skills necessary for fact-checking in all the newsrooms that have joined the alliance" (Poynter Institute). There are some 20 media outlets from around the country in the fact-checking collaborative. 


  • DW Akademie 
  • Mongolian Center for Investigative Reporters 



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