Facebook – Anti-Social Media? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 12.04.2018
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Facebook – Anti-Social Media?

In the wake of the scandal surrounding Facebook and its data harvesting policies, will the company and its founder Mark Zuckerberg change their business practices? Or will it be up to legislators to rein in social media? Guests: Julia Krüger (Netzpolitik), Grace Dobush (Handelsblatt Global), Carl Nasman (DW)

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Our Guests:

Grace Dobush, an editor at Handelsblatt Global. She says: "Facebook is too big to regulate, but if we don't regulate it, it will regulate us."

Malte Lehming, Der Tagesspielel. He says: " Facebook is a business. And business just want to make money."

Carl Nasman is an editor at DW. He says: “Facebook’s problems are a wake-up call about our lack of privacy on the internet.”