Explosions claim two lives in Bahraini capital | News | DW | 05.11.2012
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Explosions claim two lives in Bahraini capital

A series of bomb explosions has left two people dead in Manama. Bahraini officials have identified the victims as migrant Asian workers.

The devices that claimed the lives of two people on Monday, injuring an additional person, were reportedly homemade. At least five were detonated in the capital city's districts of Qudaibiya and Adliya, the Bahraini Interior Ministry said.

Officials said they were investigating the matter.

The official Bahrain News Agency described the explosions as an "act of terrorism."

A statement released via the Interior Ministry's Twitter page said that the first victim died at the scene after he had kicked the unidentified device. The circumstances surrounding the second and third victims remain unclear. All were identified by the authorities as migrant workers from Asia.

No one has claimed responsibility for Monday's attacks.

The incident in Bahrain's capital on Monday follows a ban last week on public gatherings by the interior minister, a move condemned by human rights group Amnesty International. The country's Shiite majority has been leading a 21-month uprising against its Sunni-rule kingdom, which receives large support from the West. Violence in the Gulf-nation has claimed dozens of lives since mass protests begin in early 2011.

The U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet is stationed in Bahrain.

kms/pfd (AP, APF, Reuters)