Europe′s View of the Election | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 02.11.2004
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Social Media

Europe's View of the Election

DW-WORLD readers weigh in on the US presidential election and predict what the outcome will be and how US-European relations will change as a result.


President Bush doesn't have quite so many fans in Europe

Since Bush will be elected the question is whether US-EU relations will improve. This will depend upon attitudes and actions in Europe more than anything Bush can or will do. The anti-Bush, anti-American feelings that rage in Europe are the result of many layers of insecurity, inferiority, resentment, envy, fear and arrogance on the part of the citizens of Europe. Only they can deal with these. -- JL Ronish, Seattle, USA

Bild newspaper endorses Bush

As a US citizen, I'm not particularly anxious for the support of the German people. Over the last 100 years, Germans have demonstrated breathtaking ineptitude regarding world affairs. As recently as 1972, Germans demonstrated their true colors when they surrendered the Munich terrorists to the Libyans. Neither Germany nor France have ever been particularly reliable allies to the US, and both have preferred to spend too much money on their welfare states while relying on the US for military protection. -- Joe Bowman

George Bush und die Bild Zeitung

Germany's mass-circulation tabloid Bild came out strong for Bush at the end of October.

Support for Bush is to be expected from a tabloid. Most tabloids I am aware of are owned by right-wing pro-business individuals. I am thinking of the Murdoch group, for instance. Unfortunately tabloids are influencial. But in the case of Bild, this paper's opinion does not reflect the majority of German opinion. -- Serge

I applaud Bild for the courage to take a stand on this issue despite the fact that a clear majority of Germans -- and Europeans -- appear to despise this very principled man (Bush) without just cause. It is clear that you have seen through all the rhetoric. -- Mark Beck

What a relief to read that there are still a few sound minds left in Germany. I'm referring to Bild's endorsement of George Bush for President. The United States will grow stronger economically, militarily and otherwise with the re-election of Bush. It's unfortunate that the majority of Germans are too foolish, too liberal that is, to realize that a strong U.S. is a good thing. -- Carl Mahrenholz

Seems that the reporter is one of the few who has a cogent argument and does not let an antipathy toward Bush cloud his judgment. Kerry will be weak on terrorism as a lot of presidents before him, which is the reason the terrorists became more and more emboldened; the worst thing I see about Kerry is that he can't make a decision (Clinton couldn't either) -- one might not agree with Bush's decisions, but at least he has the guts to make them. -- Marga E. Doerr

Bush's record abroad

I feel that the reason why Bush has such large support in US is due to the privatized and unquestioning media that we are subjected to. Of the world's media, 5 people own rougly 90 percent of it. One of those people, Rupert Murdock, has been quoted as saying that he'll do anything to have Bush reelected. This is obvious to anyone who has seen even a small amount of Fox "News". I would like to see a more questioning media in this country. -- Brad Ahrens, USA

I believe absentee ballots cast by US voters overseas can make a difference in the election outcome. Furthermore, in allowing for votes to be cast in this fashion, the electoral process strengthens its' credibility by ensuring that all citizens, regardless of their location, will have their say. - - Vijay Dasika
Somerset, NJ, USA

I am an American expatriate living in the Philippines. I have sent my absentee ballot, at no small expense, in to my state of residence by FedEx because I didn't trust the postal system here. I have no idea if my vote will actually be counted, but my feelings on this election are more intense than any election I have ever voted in. Living overseas I can see more clearly, than Americans at home, the affect that President Bush is having on the whole world in general and I think that he has impacted on the world in a more negative manner than a positive one. I don't doubt the president's sincerity in what he is doing, but I do think he is on a totally wrong track and it is time for a change in American politics. -- James R. Beck-Jensen

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