European press review: Champions League final | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 21.05.2012
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European press review: Champions League final

Bayern Munich was defeated in its own stadium as Britain's Chelsea carried home the Champions League trophy this weekend - the European media had plenty to say about the highs and lows of the game.

Britain's Daily Telegraph celebrated Chelsea as the kings of Europe this weekend, commenting that champions don't care how they win. "But it had to be Drogba! Only the diva with the gift for writing his own plots could step up to address a ball placed on the penalty spot in front of Bayern Munich's net and dispatch it to end Chelsea's quest for the European title."

What was left for the defeated Munich hosts? "Nothing but grief," Italy's Corriere della Sera wrote: "A drama for Bayern Munich. The Bavarians are staring at the ruins of their second lost final match in two years. The club was betrayed by its stars."

Bayern Munich's desperate players fell prey to the god of football's whim, Spain's El Pais wrote - and in Munich, it was dressed in blue.

Didier Drogba of Chelsea

Praise all round for Didier Drogba

Quite a few European newspapers focussed on striker Didier Drogba.

"Drogba is the Germans' ungracious henchman," wrote Italy's Tuttosport. "With his goal, the striker is ensured a place in soccer history." France's L'Equipe compared the striker to royalty: "With the final penalty shot, he catapulted Chelsea to Europe's pinnacle," the paper raved.

Switzerland's Neue Züricher Zeitung also had nothing but praise for Chelsea's hero Drogba. "No one was surprised that Drogba scored the tying goal. None of Chelsea's players fought so hard for every ball, he was both defense and striker," the paper commented and added the penalty shot brought a fairy tale ending - for Chelsea, not for the Bavarians.

Bayern's downfall

"Bayern hit rock bottom," Austria's Kronenzeitung sums up the Germans' defeat. "A drama at home - Bayern Munich's great dream of an historic triumph in their own stadium was shattered. Despite a host of opportunities, the German record championship holders succumbed to the destructive British European club champions 3-4 after penalties. Just like in 1999 against Manchester United, Bayern Munich gave away its lead shortly before the end of the game."

"Second place in the German Bundesliga championship, second place in the German Soccer Cup, second place in the Champions League. Second, second, second," Germany's Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote. And instead of being able to take a vacation, relax and try to understand and process the events, the paper added, many Bayern Munich players have to get ready for the next big challenge, Euro 2012 - "the next opportunity for a grand defeat."

Expressen from Stockholm takes a more upbeat view. While waking up will surely be painful for Schweinsteiger, Kroos and Lahm, the paper said, "in just a few weeks, they will win the European Soccer Cup for Germany."

Compiled by Dagmar Breitenbach
Editor: Joanna Impey

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