European Journal Special: German Unity | European Journal | DW | 29.09.2010
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European Journal

European Journal Special: German Unity

In1990 divided Germany was officially reunified. We report on how others in Europe viewed the reunification. Also how the dark legacy of the East German secret police is still an issue and how Germans are living today.


Douglas Hurd, ehemaliger britischer Außenminister unter Margaret Thatcher

The former Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze and his British counterpart Douglas Hurd were among the architects of German unity. In Sweden, the cooperation between local armaments firms and the East German secret police remains a taboo to this day. The files are kept by the Swedish intelligence service. While in Germany, two decades after reunification, age seems to be the new dividing line in society, rather than geographical background. West German pensioners are moving into the newly revonated cities in the east, while young Germans from the east are heading west in search of well paid jobs.