Europe Votes: Wake-up Call for Brussels? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 27.05.2019
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Europe Votes: Wake-up Call for Brussels?

The EU has voted. Established parties suffered massive losses across most of Europe, while populist parties have made huge gains. What does this mean for Europe? Our guests: Jean-Michel Hauteville (Handelsblatt Today), Derek Scally (Irish Times), Karen Taylor (Political Activist).

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Derek Scally works for the Irish Times. He says: “Pro-EU forces have dodged a populist bullet, with one last chance to deliver on the issues too big for individual member states, above all climate change.”



Jean-Michel Hauteville is a Berlin-based French journalist. He says: "Do not overstate the significance of the far-right victory in France."




Karen Taylor is a Political Activist. She says: "Even though there has been no major shift to the right in Germany, there is no guarantee that we are not heading towards the same development as in France, Austria or Hungary."