Europe by train — join the ride! | DW Travel | DW | 23.07.2019
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Europe by train — join the ride!

Budapest's trendy districts and vintage markets in Paris are just two stops on their list: Since July 8, two of our reporters have been traveling through Europe on an Interrail tour. Follow their trip day after day!

One ticket, 12 cities, 22 days — all aboard the European express! Starting on July 8th, DW reporters Giulia Saudelli and Luisa von Richthofen want to get to know a special way of traveling: with an Interrail ticket through the heart of Europe.

They will visit 7 countries: Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, France and the Netherlands. Along the way, they will stop by well-known tourist hotspots but also destinations off the beaten path.

Both Giulia and Luisa look forward to meeting other international travelers. The two reporters have already lived and worked in six countries in the European Union. "As Europeans, we are so close to each other and a train trip through Europe makes you realize this first-hand," said Luisa.

Europe by train Berlin (DW/E. Woodnorth)

Our reporters Giulia (left) and Luisa will be visiting 12 cities in 7 countries during their Interrail trip.

European culture at its best

According to Giulia, train travel is ideal for discovering the cultural diversity that Europe has to offer: "On a train journey you travel much more slowly and can experience a country, its cities and landscapes first-hand. I am looking forward to finding out what makes each country so unique".

Some planned highlights of the trip include the historic bathhouse culture in Budapest, the colorful hillside villages of Cinque Terre, and local markets in the Provence region.

Our reporters want to share their experiences and insights with you as they visit festivals, museums, cafes, markets and more! On our travel website, they will regularly post pictures of the most beautiful places they have visited!

Are you looking for even more practical travel and insider tips for your next train journey through Europe? Follow our Instagram account @dw_travel to immerse yourself in the journey and see Giulia and Luisa's trip unfold first-hand — you can even help our travelers decide what to visit next!

Win DW travel accessories

As you follow Giulia and Luisa's trip through Europe, you also have the chance to win something! We are giving away two travel accessory sets, each including a DW umbrella, a DW reusable travel coffee mug and DW headphones — perfect for your next train journey.

Europe by train Berlin (DW/E. Woodnorth)

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