Euromaxx Highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 07.03.2015
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

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On today's edition of euromaxx Highlights: Our reporter Hendrik Welling in search shared economy in Amsterdam. Young and upcoming fashion designers at Paris Fashion Week. And we check out at Swiss company that specializes in manufacturing custom made skis.

The Art of Sharing

Shared economy has been a buzzword in recent years and is a growing market and a significant shift in values. People rather share things instead of owning them. Sharing is also popular among younger travelers. Euromaxx reporter Hendrik Welling tests what's on offer in Amsterdam and finds new ways to discover the city.

Fashion Newcomers

Fashion insiders are anxiously anticipating the latest creations by French designers Lea Peckre and Jacquemus. Their creations challenge conventions and offer a few surprises on the catwalks. Euromaxx went to Paris Fashion Week to have a look at the young designers' runway shows.

Retro-styled Cars

The International Geneva Motor Show is one of the world's leading automobile fairs. This year's 85th edition showcases the newest trends in technology and design. One of the hottest trends harks back to the past though. Many car makers feature models that remind us of past decades.

Norwegian Cartoonist Arild Midthun

He may well be the most famous duck in the world: Donald Duck. The cartoon character has become more popular in Europe than in the US. These days the comic strip is even created by artists from this side of the Atlantic - like Norwegian cartoonist Arild Midthun. He is one of the best known artists working on the cartoon and we went to look over his shoulder.

Made to Measure Skis

A great pair of skis makes all the difference on the slopes. So for those who can afford it, the Swiss company Birdos specializes in making customized freeride skis.

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