Euromaxx Highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 15.03.2014
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

In this episode: The Quizduell (Quiz Clash) app, Bechstein pianos, visiting Chartreuse, making art from digital data, and SculptureBerlin.

SculptureBerlin's name says it all. They're a company in the German capital who specializes in making artists' dreams come true. If a project if too big for an artist's own workshop, SculptureBerlin steps in to make huge works out of smaller plans. We see how it's done and meet the company's three owners.

Making Art from Digital Data
Sergio Albiac is an artist based in Barcelona who specializes in combining his art with his computer background to come up with unique portraits of people using digital data.

The Quizduell (Quiz Clash) App
One of the most popular quiz apps is Quiz Duell - or Quiz Clash in English - and designed for smart phones or tablets. It's available in 13 countries - and has been downloaded millions of times. The app was developed by a trio from Sweden - and as its popularity rages on here in Germany we thought we'd find out why Germans are so obsessed with the quiz show format.

Bechstein Pianos
German piano manufacturer C. Bechstein has been around since 1853. The company is based in Berlin but its pianos are manufactured in Seifhennersdorf in rural Saxony. It's Europe's largest producer of upright and grand pianos and we went to see how they resonate internationally.

Visiting Chartreuse
The Chartreuse Mountains in southeastern France is the home of the famous liqueur of the same name - and Chamechaude is the area's highest summit. This is a terrific place for an outdoor holiday that has the added bonus of French country cuisine.

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